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Modern AF is a personal styling firm for amazing people to take their personal style to the next level.

We host a full array of expert services to completely transform your wardrobe, personal branding, and lifestyle to be the best version of you.

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Welcome to Modern AF where defining your style and transforming your wardrobe is our thing. Start the transformation by exploring our different options below.


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We offer high end personal styling services from Modern AF founder Andrea Faye.

Let Your Style Shine Today

Work with Andrea to curate your unique aesthetic of luxury, beauty, and sophistication

Andrea’s passion in life is to contribute beauty to the world and enrich other’s self-expression and style. Andrea offers a decade of education and professional experience in design and styling and holds a MFA in Fashion Design. She has years of mentorship training in honing her eye for design, color, fit, and the design process. She has both a technical and creative background in fashion history, men’s and women’s tailoring, Western and Japanese sewing techniques, and she maintains ongoing research on the latest fashion and cultural trends.

The ultimate boss lady wardrobe is closer than you know.


1 Hour Wardrobe Boost

Recommended for everyone.

Boost your personal style, and see what it is like to work with a professional stylist!

Andrea will spend one hour with you via Skype or similar platform discussing the contents of your closet. She will provide direction on new outfit choices and defining your personal style. Following the session you will receive a comprehensive style write-up that includes additional feedback and personalized brand recommendations.

In this hour you will:

• Refine your sense of personal style

• Learn how to build more sophisticated outfits at any price point

• Find the best colors to work with your skin tone

• Discuss the best fit for your body type

• Receive tips for organized storage and proper care of clothing

• Have any unique questions answered about fashion or styling

• Receive completely individualized feedback to help boost your day to day style


Closet Cleanse

This service is open to San Francisco bay area residents or globally depending on travel schedule.

This is an extended style session where Andrea will edit the contents of your closet to be organized and true to your style. In addition, she will cover all points included in the one hour wardrobe edit.

This is an in-home and in-person session that takes approximately 4 hours.

In this session you will:

• Receive a comprehensive style assessment as outlined in the one hour wardrobe edit

• Work in depth on key points for a more sophisticated and individual style

• Start to build your signature look

• Define your color palette

• Reorganize your closet for more accessibility and versatility

• Learn tools for creating a balanced look (head-to-toe outfit)

• Assess classic items that may be missing from your wardrobe

• Discuss your lifestyle to ensure your wardrobe meets all activities

• Specific feedback and education regarding quality of materials and fit

• Declutter items detracting from your wardrobe

• Individual feedback and questions answered as they come up


Special Events Styling

Utilize Andrea’s expert knowledge of fashion to put together one fashion forward look. For any occasion, formal, informal or themed, she will provide designer-level feedback on putting together items for head to toe style.

Perfect for

  • Weddings

  • Themed Parties

  • Corporate Events

  • Performances

Online: Following a consultation via Skype or similar platform, Andrea will curate an outfit for you and send you links on where to buy it. You will discuss important details for a classic look i.e. color balance, fit, and placement.

In store: (San Francisco only) Following a phone consultation you will meet with Andrea in a store of her recommendation. She will pre-select items for you to try on and guide you to the best look for the event. She will provide an assessment on proper fit and style. If needed, she will assist in making arrangements for tailoring.


Client’s are saying…

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"Andrea [Founder, Modern AF] is a wonderfully talented designer and stylist. Her own designs are stunning and make great use of shape and silhouette. As a stylist, she can quickly narrow in on individual aesthetic and help you understand what elements to look for in new purchases. Her own fashion aesthetic is fashion forward and individual, while still looking classic. She has a great sense of tastefulness when it comes to styling and design!"

-Heidi M.

"I have worked with Andrea Faye [Founder, Modern AF] in many capacities all of which have been incredible experiences. From working on style concept videos to modeling her original designs on the runway, working with Andrea is always a pleasure. Not only does she have an incredible eye, but she is constantly pushing boundaries in the fashion/design world and reimagining what it possible. Her technique and skill are impeccable when it comes to designing anything from dance costumes to menswear to couture and everything in between. In addition to the amazing work she has done in her career as a designer, she has worked with me on commission-based projects such as designing one of a kind costumes/pieces for events and is currently working to restore a vintage kimono that was my moms. In addition, she is a valuable contributor to the art scene in the Bay Area, constantly bringing artists of various mediums together for events and think tank-style workshops to find new and innovative ways of collaborating and elevating art and fashion to new levels. I highly recommend working with Andrea if you have the opportunity to, you will not be disappointed!"

-Rachael C.



Drea improved my personal style tremendously. She is very considerate, detailed and gave me eye opening information that was very personalized. She is very informed and an expert in fashion! I highly recommend her!

-Stonia S.

"Andrea was knowledgable and sweet! Gave me a lot to work with."

-Elaina S.

"Andrea was great! She's very knowledgeable and helpful."

-Lauren P.