Wardrobe Essentials: How to Build Your Capsule Wardrobe


Effortless style is one part organization and one part building a strong visual brand

If you take this approach to building a capsule wardrobe, then you will look stunning each day.

A capsule wardrobe is defined as the go-to essential items in your closet. A successful capsule wardrobe transcends past seasonal trends and will contain all the items you need to suit your lifestyle. Every woman should identify and build a capsule wardrobe even if it is only a portion of their larger wardrobe. It must be edited, cohesive, and encompass all aspects of your lifestyle so that whatever the occasion you may pair together a sophisticated look.

There are no strict rules as to the number of items or exact items your capsule wardrobe should contain. However, I will provide guidelines that you may adapt according to your needs.

Define your signature style.

Your personal aesthetic is your connection to beauty. It links your lifestyle needs and personality to a sense of style that makes you feel luxurious in your own skin. Defining your style will make the decision around editing and refining a capsule wardrobe much easier. For more information on this, check out my post: How to Start Defining Your Style.

Define your color palette

A color palette should be a maximum of five main colors. Neutrals work well for a capsule wardrobe because of their ability to be mixed and matched, but they also lend themselves toward a more high end feeling.

Choose Silhouettes

Defining your look in terms of one or two silhouettes will present a stronger impact and allow for you to combine items easily. Choose your silhouette by what compliments your body type the best and the statement that you want to make through volume and structure. For example, I have an hourglass body shape, so I choose silhouettes that emphasize my waist. Alternatively, I choose silhouettes with high volume for days I want the high fashion drama. The two silhouette variations allow for interesting combinations that flatter my body shape.

Edit your wardrobe

Before you can expand on your capsule wardrobe, you need to have an understanding of what you own already. Go through each item individually, and evaluate it’s aesthetic and fit. Does it fit the direction that you want your style to go? If not, consider if you want to donate or toss the item.

Once you have edited down your wardrobe. You may have a clearer sense of direction and observation that some key items are missing. Consider your lifestyle and schedule. What do you need to have in your wardrobe?

You may also consider upgrading some of the items over time. This could mean both higher quality or more in line with your signature aesthetic.

You may reference my checklist below for ideas on what to include. Adapt according to your lifestyle, color palette, and silhouette. You may want multiples of items in your full color palette.

Plan, shop, and re-evaluate

Planning includes returning to the previous steps and seeing if you are still in alignment with your signature style. You are always welcome to re-evaluate your initial color palette and aesthetic if you find that a new way is more fitting to your personality and lifestyle. As you shop for future items, maintain the awareness around your personal style and be meticulous about the details of what you purchase. When shopping for a capsule wardrobe, you are considering timelessness and quality because a beautiful item of clothing has potential to reflect your style for years to come. If you do this, you will develop a highly cohesive and sophisticated capsule wardrobe that you feel confident wearing every day.


Now, I would love to hear from you in the comments below. What are your favorite items of clothing in your wardrobe?

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