(First Post!) 4 Mindset Tips to Change Your Style


Welcome to my new website, Modern AF. I am so happy you are here, and I look forward to helping you on your journey to exceptional personal style.

My philosophy is that great personal style is more than just a nice wardrobe. It includes all aspects of your identity: lifestyle, self-care, personal branding, communication skills, interiors, decluttering, and of course, how you dress.

This website is meant to provide inspiration and motivation to help you design your own personal style. I aim to give you confidence and knowledge to create a sophisticated aesthetic that is truly you. Modern with attitude.

For the first post, I am going to share top mindset tips to help you embark on elevating your style. The right mindset is critical in making new changes in your life, and I want your mindset to be focused on creating a more high-end look for yourself. That does mean adopting new ideas around how to shop and organize.

1) Develop a discerning eye for quality

The majority of clothing out there is made with little attention to design or beauty. It is created simply to drive sales and produce a product. Quality clothing may take time, a strong skill set, and multiple factories to be manufactured, and all companies will make sacrifices to the design and materials to meet a better budget. It is not wrong from a business standpoint, but it is something to be mindful of as you shop.

On the flipside, there are a lot of products to choose from and quality may be available to you various price points. The key to this mindset is to check each item individually. How does the fabric move or feel, are there unique details involved- cute buttons or pockets for example? Does the item fit you at ease or is something pulling where it shouldn’t? Challenge yourself to only purchase items that are of a higher standard than where your wardrobe is at now. In time, this will also help you to develop your eye.

2) Take Better Care of What You Own

This is a habit based mind set change. Learn to store items properly and put them away. Give each item a designated space. Sweaters and knits must be folded. Invest in proper hangers with shoulder support for jackets and coats. Hand wash or dry clean items that need that type of care. Wash on delicate for other items. You may want to keep special items in garment bags. Have your clothing tailored if needed. Fix buttons or ripped seams.

These are good habits to be in especially if you want to start investing in much more expensive designer clothes. If cared for properly, quality clothing has the potentiality to last years.

3) Consider your purchases over the long-term.

Imagine a wardrobe and interior with beautiful, unique pieces, that match your aesthetic. Add this to your goal-setting, add this to your five year plan. Be picky about each individual item that you purchase- does it make sense for your lifestyle? Is it truly you? Even if you only buy a few items a year, over time, you will experience a shift towards a more meaningful connection with what you own. Planning in this way gives allowance to spend more on each individual item and less on useless crap.

Under this note, I am a proponent of an impulse purchase under specific criteria: you have stumbled upon something that you absolutely connect with and there is something about it that speaks to you. Some of my favorite purchases have fallen under this category, and I have never regretted purchasing them. The way to feel positive around this is to have good shopping habits overall and develop your finances to allow for spending should that perfect item come along. Be critical, but do not ignore a heartfelt connection to something.

4) Declutter and Organize

It is completely doable to have a stylish aesthetic every day, and they key to this is decluttering, organization, and consistency.

Decluttering is essential to let what is truly you shine through. If half the items in your closet (or often what I see in new clients is closer to 80%) don’t really speak to you, that is going to slow you down each day and you are likely to wear something that doesn’t give you confidence.

The same goes for showcasing your home. How do you want to build a meaningful visual for yourself and guests? What do you want people to notice first? There is a science to how people navigate through a space, and the first key to this is declutter anything that could serve as a distraction.

Similarly, organization is primarily about planning to meet the needs of your lifestyle. Do you have all the items you need and do you know where they are? I will cover more on this in a future post about building a capsule wardrobe. The point is that you can get ready each morning just as quickly, if not quicker, because everything is accessible and curated.

Lastly, consistency is about creating habits around being stylish each day. You do not have to reinvent the wheel each morning. Instead, look for solutions that streamline the process. With repetition comes proficiency. I am able to put together my entire look for the day including hair, make-up, and accessories in 15-20 minutes. This is because I keep the same aesthetic each day and I have everything that I need ready to go. Know that this is possible for you, and begin looking for ways you can modify your routine to match your dream style.


Now, I would love to hear from you. What is it about your personal style that makes you feel confident? How would you describe your signature style? I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

This website is FOR YOU to feel empowered in your own self-expression, so even little comments will help me to curate the right topics.