The Look: Polished


Looking polished is primarily about detail. If you are polished, everything about your look is accounted for. You are balanced and confident.

This post showcases criteria that you may follow to have a polished look from day to day.

Welcome to my first “The Look” series where I will break down different concepts and sub-culture trends so that you may feel inspired to incorporate into your own aesthetic.

I am beginning with polished because the suggestions in looking more polished may carry on to any other aesthetic. Additionally, striving to look more polished will help you look more put together and intentional throughout any occasion.

Personally, I deal with perfectionism, and I know there are many of us out there that do as well. Therefore, it’s important to emphasize that looking polished is not about being critical of your imperfections. Instead, it is about looking into the details of how you put yourself together and how to problem solve to make sure you do your best.

Criteria for a Polished Look

Looking polished is primarily about detail. If you are polished, everything about your look is in place and accounted for. You are balanced and confident. Here are some details to consider:


Posture equates to confidence. Not only will working on your posture help you to feel present and engaged, but it communicates that same message to the people around you.


Etiquette in the modern world is something different than it was in the past, but the core of it has to do with respect for others. Looking polished means you are engaged with what is in front of you. Put the phone down. Offer your guests amenities. Do something for someone you care about. Show genuine interest in others above yourself. This is not to say you are a push over. If you know me, you know that is the last thing that I stand for. Instead, take note when people are good to you and show them the same quality.

Be High Maintenance

Nails, hair, skincare, make-up, and signature scent should all be considered. It is up to your lifestyle what you want to invest in with all the categories. The point is that you keep trying and learn until you achieve the best possible outcome. Over the years, I’ve learned what I can take care of myself and what is better left for a professional. I’ve also applied this to a budget so I can have the best result at a price I can afford. For example, I touched up my nail polish daily for the years that I was in college, and it’s only recently that I’ve started to invest in manicures and pedicures. I have found that the combination of time-saved and nicer looking nails is worth it. Be strategic and adapt as you test things out. Some things take longer to discover the best solution, so be diligent and strategic.

Keep Your Clothing Fresh

Iron out wrinkles, fix buttons, steam if necessary, have your hems tailored to the proper length, and buy clothing that fits you. Read the tags of clothing and follow the instructions. Dry clean if needed. Throw out items that are worn. Learning to invest in quality clothing is a part of this as well. For more tips around this read my post 4 Mindset Tips to Change Your Style.

Balance and coordination

Looking polished means you have considered all aspects of your look from head to toe. Everything from your shoes to your handbag is coordinated but not too “matchy-matchy.” The key to this is balance between being using layers or accessories to build a more intricate look, but also to know when to step back and hone it in. Think about the importance of editing. Editing builds a clearer message because it allows communication of the best features. Go with your instinct. When something feels off, try changing something about the look or simplifying to the strongest points. This will build your awareness of balance.

When in Doubt, Go Classic

Classic refers to the tradition of clothing, how clothing is made, and how tailoring or construction has been represented throughout history. There are many types of clothing that lend themselves to this, and incorporating them into your look always showcases a level of refinement. A good list of classic items is contained in my post Wardrobe Essentials: How to Build Your Capsule Wardrobe


Now, I would love to hear from you. How have you problem solved in regards to your personal style? What do you feel more confident about now than before? I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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